Is in Russia’s GDP. And even two.


Есть в России ВВП. И даже два.

Is in Russia’s GDP (the first) – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of his name. The President, however, he became due to the fact that the elections, the regime allowed only petrushek, approved in the administration of the same Putin, but at the expense of large-scale fraud, i.e. illegal. And head it completely useless, the people in poverty and poverty thrives in the majority, and those who like cheese in butter rolls, all as on selection — populator or very close to the court.

GDP-duck the only one in the world, exclusive panimaesh. But to be proud of they do not want, and does not work. However, in Russia there is still one GDP (second) – gross domestic product. Such GDP in the world is full of pieces 200, in almost every country of the world it is.

Else in the world is the IMF – international monetary Fund, a very reputable organization for the main liberal of Russia – the first of GDP, and for all liberas.. or liberal… in General it is clear. So the IMF measures GDP growth, this is about the second speech of GDP, for all countries of the world. According to his measurements, Russia’s GDP grew in 2018 1.7%. A similar figure of 1.8% is voiced by economy Minister Oreshkin. Our forecast… the Forecast says it is usually like a finger to the sky. But there seems to be cheated off of the IMF. So this is a figure that is 1.7%, a lot or a little? Oreshkin argues that the situation in our economy is good, growth is observed. Echoes and Minister Siluanov – a year has passed so can’t complain. Quite positive about the second GDP in December told us first of GDP.

You can certainly believe this halva, but we’re not born yesterday. Moreover, that is not difficult to check. As I said, the IMF considers that GDP growth for all countries, and can be compared. So, according to his calculations, the world economy grew in 2018 on 3.7 percent, advanced economies by an average 2.4 percent, and the economy developing, which in the terminology of the IMF is Russia, 4.7%. The developed country is like the US, which grew by 2.9%! All clear?

If to compare Russia with such partners in the BRICS, like China, where the growth of 6.6%, or India, where growth of 7.3%, then the mind comes and does such a thing as dwarfism. In Russia, the people why-that dwarf the GDP for the first, but I don’t know why, he is quite a average.

So don gave us a chaff part with Siluanov. Second, Russia’s GDP, it turns out, crooked and lame, disabled, in short.

Finishing with figures from the IMF, adding that the two countries of Brix, Brazil and South Africa we for GDP growth in 2018 ahead, but more about this very colorful and will tell you in my show presenter Dmitry Kiselev. I told about what rate of GDP growth now in countries where the power of the economy and domestic issues involved, provides investment, works for national interest and not to your pocket.

The conclusion from all this is obvious — the second Russian GDP is a reflection of the first Russian GDP. Does Russia need such a wretched mirror? The answer for most of Russians is clear.


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