IRRI helps rice farmers to increase productivity


IRRI помогает рисоводам увеличить урожайность

International research rice Institute (IRRI) is working to increase production and income of rice farmers. Previously, he has launched a tool to achieve these goals, farmers EA. of Odisha in India. It is the result of cooperation with the Department of agriculture for the Indian state, writes World-Grain.

For the farmers of Odisha PCs available app Rice Crop Manager, which you can access on your computer or smartphone. A prerequisite for starting connection to the Internet. According to the Department of agriculture EA. of Odisha in North-East India, 53% of the total number of farmers – small farmers. They are seeded rice with different type of soil in marginal agricultural areas. They grow different crops, including rice. However, their methods of cultivation, methods of irrigation and the types of the used pesticides and fertilizers are different. In addition, many of the farmers still practice traditional methods of rice cultivation, based on the experience of colleagues, neighbors or ancestors. Standardized solutions would not have helped to increase their productivity and obtain higher revenues.

App Rice Crop Manager will contribute to the growth of productivity or performance and increase the income of farmers per hectare. They recommend how to deal with pests and weeds, as to bring nutrients and how often to irrigate rice depending on the variety.

As things stand today, 20 thousand farmers have received about 100 thousand recommendations. The only problem faced by the international research rice Institute (IRRI) is the lack of telephone density in the state and the absence of many farmers of smartphones, reports “КазахЗерно.kz”. To access the application, for rice farmers in remote and rural areas launched special Centres shared services CSC. They get the recommendation to increase yields and profits in print, and then sell all their fields.


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