Irina Bilyk was surprised by the sudden change of image


The Ukrainian singer Instagram showed a new photo.

Iryna Bilyk presented a new song “don’t Hovi eyes”, dedicated to the International day against homophobia, and also starred in the music video, which will premiere may 17 in the evening.

Instagram the actress shared a promotional photo, which she sealed with a new hair color.

Earlier, Irina Bilyk was painted in a similar shade, so the audience was not shocked by the transformation, but the delight of the singer’s fans has no limits, and because they bathed her in compliments: “the Queen!”, “Nepravishta!”, “The most beautiful and talented!”, “Is it Irina? Chic this way!!!”.

Fans are thinking now if Irina actually ever used photoshop in order to give her white hair a fiery red shade. But while the singer has not commented on the change of image.


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