Irina Bilyk was again amazed the audience with his way


Recently, the singer is photographed in a somewhat extravagant ways that are understandable not for everyone.

For anybody not a secret that Irina Bilyk collects sunglasses. She often appears in public in a variety of models, though not always doing it for the compliments.

This time she bought new glasses and wanted to brag about them on Instagram, put up a fresh selfie where she’s in the new dress and the bright wreath of artificial flowers. Signed Irina Bilyk a new photo: “Glasses and wreaths is my Fetish!! This beauty is never too much!! But brand-new) As You?”.

Fans wrote many comments expressing their delight with the new image of the singer. But some still could not resist and suggested Bilyk that these glasses it is categorically not fit, but at the same time, she is a beauty.

Half an hour of stay new photos of Iryna Bilyk in trendy glasses and a wreath in the social network it was like 700 people.


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