Irina Bilyk appeared in the image of the Grand Duchess


The singer took part in an unusually beautiful photo project.

On his page in Instagram Irina Bilyk has shared a new photo where it is embodied in the image of a Ukrainian Princess.

Signed singer is an amazing frame this: “I took part in a very interesting photo project – “the Majestic era of Ukrainian women”.”. Then compliments one after another began to appear in the comments under the picture: “the Queen she is the Queen of any age)”, “Irina! You, as always, amazing!!!Very unusual, but probably looked like the Grand Duchess Olga!!!”, “Delight!! Very beautifully!! Wonderful to have such projects!! It suits you, Ira, very majestic way!!”.

More than five thousand instagram users appreciated the new photos of Irina Bilyk and the way in which the singer looks very harmonious.


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