Iraq holds parliamentary elections


В Ираке проходят парламентские выборыThe winning coalition will form a government that will govern Iraq for the next four years.

Iraq held parliamentary elections. They were the first since like the end of 2017, it was announced victory over the Islamic state.

The last time a vote in the legislative Assembly of Iraq were held four years ago.

According to the Higher independent electoral Commission of Iraq to choose new deputies will be able to more than 24 million people. In the election race was attended by 29 electoral blocs, bringing together about 200 different political parties.

The election Commission has counted more than 7 thousand candidates wishing to take one of 329 represented in the Parliament seats.

The winning coalition MPs to form a government that will govern for the next four years.

Serious incidents in the country on election day is not yet fixed.

Earlier it was reported that in Iraq, 19 women received life sentences. Just in Iraqi jails from 50 to 70 women who presumably have Russian citizenship. Basically they are accused of aiding ISIS.


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