Iran’s Supreme leader supported the idea of closing the Strait of Hormuz for oil suppliers


Верховный лидер Ирана поддержал идею закрытия Ормузского пролива для поставщиков нефти

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supported the proposal of President Hassan Rouhani about closing the Strait of Hormuz for the countries — oil suppliers.

This is stated on the website of the Ayatollah.

“If Iran’s oil exports will be blocked, then no other country in the region also will not be exported”, — stated in the statement of Khamenei.

He also urged the Iranian foreign Ministry to strictly follow the President’s position on this issue.

It noted that the country will be ready to go in the blockade, if the United States continues to seek an end to purchases of Iranian oil in other countries.

Earlier, the Deputy chief of the bets of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps “Saralla” Ismail Kowsari said that Iran ready to close Strait of Hormuz to transport oil to other countries. The Pentagon replied that the us military will ensure freedom of navigation in the Strait if Iran will decide on this step.


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