Iranian – Chinese bomb for USA


In June, the Iranian government approved a roadmap for the strategic partnership agreement between Iran and China. Tehran the text is not published, however, nearly a year ago, various Iranian sources have begun to report upcoming incredible Chinese investment in Iran, which could become oil and gas “bomb” for the United States.

Ирано - китайская бомба для США

The Iranian source, the Petroleum Economist reported that the public don’t tell many important details of the document, which can change the global balance of oil and gas. A major pillar of the updated agreement that China’s investment in Iran’s energy sector $ 280 billion over the next five years. In the next five years it is estimated that the investment of another $ 120 billion already in the transport and industrial infrastructure of Iran.

For its part, the Tehran allegedly offers Chinese companies the first right of field development — both new and those on which work stopped. Partners from China will be invited to participate in all petrochemical projects in Iran. “Offer includes accommodation in Iran 5 thousand people for the protection with the possibility of increasing the number of personnel to ensure the safe transit of oil, gas and petrochemical products in China,” said an anonymous Iranian source. He added that China will receive a guaranteed discount of 12% on raw materials and even compensation of 6-8% for the risks. Beijing allegedly wanted another 8-12% discount from world prices and thus the total discount can reach 32%, said the Iranian source Petroleum Economist, adding that the added bonus for China will be able to use low-paid labor of Iran.

The flames recently fanned by the former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who at a meeting with inhabitants of Gilan province stated that Tehran plans to sign a secret deal with a foreign government.

“Unlike Russia and the United States China has always adhered to the policy of non-interference in the conflicts and disputes in the middle East. Also Beijing was equivalent to the trading partner for all oil and gas exporters in the region and managed to avoid policy contradictions. China does not seek competition with the United States and it had to place its military in the region to protect assets. But this situation can not last forever. In terms of greater confrontation with Washington, Beijing may calculate that the control over geopolitical players is too tempting to ignore,” wrote the head of the consulting Agency Qamar Energy Robin mills in The National edition of the UAE.



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