iPhone 8 Plus 8 has overtaken the iPhone in sales


iPhone 8 Plus обогнал iPhone 8 по продажамApple was ready to such turn of events

In the third quarter of 2017 iPhone 8 Plus became the first tabletop in the history of Apple, which outsold its corresponding iPhone model with a standard display size. This conclusion was made by analysts of consulting company Canalys, after analyzing data on the sales of smartphones on a global level.

Analysts reiterated that despite the growing interest of consumers to 5.5-inch smartphones, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are still at a relatively low level. As of November the models of the eighth generation showed serious lag, even down to the level of 12 million sold copies.

Obviously, the researchers of the market that Apple was ready to such turn of events, because it originally relied on the iPhone X. And it has paid off. Stocks “tens”, is postponed to the start of sales were sold out in minutes after start of pre-orders in most countries, leading to a full-blown deficit.

Much better than the iPhone 8 demonstrated the iPhone 7. In the third quarter, “seven” became the most sold model in the world, surpassing even the iPhone SE, which is considered to be the undisputed leader in most developing countries. iPhone 7 sold a total circulation of 13 million pieces. With a considerable lag followed by an iPhone 6s with a score of 7.9 million copies sold.


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