Investigators have not forgotten about Yevgeny Vasilyev


Следователи не забыли про Евгению Васильеву

Completed the investigation in 40 cases of theft of property of the Ministry of defense of the ex-leadership of the Department of the military.

Military investigation Department (APU) of the RF IC has completed the investigation of the main case against the former head of Department of property relations (DIO) Ministry of defense Evgenia Vasilyeva. Moreover, she was acquainted with the investigation materials. However, clarity about when they will go to court, no.

As told to “Rosbalt” a source in law enforcement bodies, in may 2015, Evgenia Vasilyeva was sentenced by the so-called selected materials, including a dozen episodes of criminal activity. The main thing, which unites more than 40 counts of theft of assets of the Ministry of defense of the ex-leadership of DIO, remained in production GVSU the RF IC. “Investigation of the cause long after the work was completed. Vasilyeva three weeks ago finished with the materials,” — said the Agency interlocutor. Further, the indictment should go for approval to the Prosecutor and then to court. However, this is not happening. Moreover, according to the source of “Rosbalt”, to say when Vasiliev again will appear before the judges, it is impossible even approximately. “For reasons beyond law enforcement reasons, this process is postponed for uncertain period,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Recall, at the time, GVSU SK has United in one manufacture 32 criminal cases on the fact of theft of property defense. Back in 2013 in a separate proceeding was the materials on 12 counts of criminal activities, the investigation of which by that time was completed. Vasilyeva and her accomplices were charged with theft, has caused the defense Ministry damages of 3 billion rubles. During hearings in Presnensky court from the case out the victims in the face of the defense and of “Oboronservis” and the alleged damage was reduced from 3 billion to less than RUB 1 billion RUB, the Ex-defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has given evidence in favor of its former employee. He said he believes Vasilyev innocent, and no damages of the Ministry of defense and the state were not applied.

In the end she was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in a General regime colony. While the servants of Themis prudent no fine Vasilyeva assign did not, finding that all financial issues are already resolved in the civil courts. Also, it was read “time” spent under house arrest (from autumn 2012 to spring 2015). As a result, in a colony in the Vladimir region she spent exactly 34 days, out on PAROLE. Absence of necessity of payment of fines allowed the former head of the DIO to obtain parole.

It should be noted that the sentence of Presnensky court put all rassledujuwie criminal cases “by DIO” questioned. Judges not recognized Vasilyev guilty of lowering the value of the sold property of the Ministry of defense, which primarily rests the investigation, saying that the stock and building were true “on the cheap”. On the contrary: the court considered that the RF IC is overstated in its contribution to the price of the objects. Vasiliev was found guilty only in the fact that controlled companies illegally received an Agency fee from transactions on sale of objects of the defense Ministry, and then “laundered” the money. Thus, the court’s findings are contrary to the findings of the investigation, including on the remaining in the production of IC cases on the sale of real estate “on the cheap”.

Yuri Wershow


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