“Interlocutor” has estimated the income of the son of the head of security Council Patrushev Dmitry


"Собеседник" подсчитал доходы сына главы Совбеза Дмитрия Патрушева

In January there were reports that the Board of Directors of Russian Railways may enter the head of Rosselkhozbank, the son of Security Council Secretary Patrushev Dmitry. “The source” tried to find out details of his biography and found in it a number of “dark” spots. In this edition it was possible to calculate the approximate income Patrushev Jr.

Possible care of Rosselkhozbank Patrushev to discuss a long time because of the complicated situation in the Bank. “Source” indicates that in 2016 the loss of the credit institution amounted to 58.9 billion RUB holes in the capital of Rosselkhozbank Lata at the expense of the budget: in the summer of 2017 its capital was increased by 25 billion roubles. This sum is simply made to the authorized capital.

The chamber has established that it is designed to support agriculture, the Bank to the detriment of labor in agricultural sector gave loans to purchase luxury homes and cars, including their own employees. Against the leaders of a number of branches RSB in the regions of Russia criminal case about the misappropriation of funds and fraud.

The top management of the Bank at the same time, gets a solid paycheck. Studied according to a “Source,” the latest annual report 197 key executives of the Bank at the average, taking into account salaries and bonuses, get 572 thousand.


“The income of the members of the Board, of course, even higher. On 11 — 256 million a year. Or 2 million for one month. Patrushev will probably get more. Another line of income — compensation from “Gazprom”. The Board of Directors of a monopolist he appointed also by the state and last year received a 25.5 mln RUB. In total, according to our calculations, Dmitry Patrushev in the service of the state can earn approximately up to 30 thousand rubles per hour. Even more than Federal Ministers”, — writes the edition.

Unlike civil servants, Patrushev is in a better position as the head of the state Bank is not subject to many restrictions and obligations. For example, he does not publish in the public domain Declaration. “Otherwise, it could be flat, registered in the U.S. state of Illinois in the name of Dmitry Patrushev,” — said “Interlocutor”. However, it is not known whether the son of the Secretary of security Council has property on the territory of the United States.

With regard to education, according to open data, Patrushev Jr. received a diploma from the State University of management, specialty “management”. However, interviewed dozens of graduates from this University are unable to recall such a student.

Have any questions as to the doctoral title of Dmitry Patrushev. Doctor of economic Sciences he was already 31 years old, although the average age of applicants to this degree in Russia is 49 years.

“If we talk about the quality of scientific works, to them there claims the project Discerned. Experts have identified multiple borrowings. But to defend Patrushev, the plagiarism did not stop, and scientific Advisor Vladimir Karelin was immediately appointed head of the Federal property management Agency in Leningrad region. Not so long ago in his office happened to a corruption scandal, but Karelin just changed the place of work — now he heads the management of Federal registration service across St.-Petersburg”, — notes the edition.

Add that to Rosselkhozbank Patrushev Jr. has worked in the Ministry of transport and the state Bank VTB.


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