Interesting facts about nominees on “Oscar” in 2020 in the category “Best makeup and hairstyles”


What lipstick enjoyed Maleficent and why Joker makeup looks fuzzy?


Military drama, filmed by Sam Mendes, not exactly boasts on-trend make-up performers of the main roles, but it has some very spectacular battle scenes and historical detail of the First world war. But the makeup artists on the set had to be done no less serious work. The shooting took place in the valley of Salisbury and Tisdale. Training dummies, which did the makeup was so realistic that members of the crew had to install them near signs warning that “wounded” in fact, are not real people and the care they need.

As the main makeup artist Sam Mendes, was invited to the site Tristan Versluis, who previously worked on the grounds of “Overlord” and “Game of thrones”. He prepared about 30 “bodies”, made using a 3D printer and cybercore.


We have already talked about the fact that this movie has all the chances to win in this category. The picture was critically acclaimed: the coveted statuettes expect Charlize Theron (Best actress), Margot Robbie (“Best supporting actress”) and makeup artist Vivian Baker vysheozvuchennoy in the category “Best makeup and hairstyles”. To tell the complicated history of harassment of Fox News CEO Roger Isles to subordinates, Vivian had to make a bet on minimalism. The main heroines she put on 14 layers of lip gloss, used false eyelashes in three rows, synthetic lining on the jaw and cheekbones. For example, the make-up Charlize took at least 3 hours a day — read more about this you can read here.


Renee Zellweger will compete with Charlize in the battle for “Best actress”: she played the role of actress and singer Judy garland. Mother Liza Minelli was one of the brightest stars in the Hollywood firmament — and one of his victims. Not wanting to part with their popularity among fans and multi-million contracts for life, she struggled with excess weight, chronic fatigue and the fear of being left on the side of Hollywood. Judy died at age 47 years, therefore, before Rene’s task was to show how tragic her life was.

Stylist and makeup artist Jeremy Woodhead did all that all those present on the platform were tears at the appearance of Zellweger in front of the cameras. Jeremy said that he was incredibly hard work and you need to start it with a prosthetic nose and false teeth. As Rami Malek in “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Renee had to learn to sing without having to remove dentures. And if typically the make-up used to conceal age-related skin problems, then Jeremy did everything to emphasize how exhausted was Judy garland at the finish of his career. He daily spent more than an hour to create a realistic “webs” of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

“The Joker”

Makeup artist “to the Irish” and “Sex in the city” and owner of the award “Emmy” Nicki Ledermann studied all images of “Joker”. She decided to create the image of a clown, which will be similar to his previous incarnation, while remaining unique. “Most unusual for me was that it was necessary to come up with a makeup that Joaquin could implement on its own, because in the film there are scenes where he does it in front of a mirror,” says Nicky.

Makeup was, first and foremost, to emphasize the mental anguish of the Joker, ready to step on the crime, but at the same time experiencing the fear of society. So he looked oiled and deliberately messy, but the makeup artist was on hand: Nicky and her team did not manage to keep Phoenix in the makeup chair longer than 20 minutes — he’s too impatient to wait for a perfectly calibrated image.

To refresh the makeup was not necessary too often, Nicky picked up resistant makeup, which is not afraid of the lights and long hours on the set. She mostly used a palette Chromacake MAC is a pigment for body art water-based with resistance Korean natural lip gloss, and creamy palette of 4K Longwear Creme developed by makeup artist Sian Richards.

“Maleficent: mistress of the dark”

Artist cosmetic make-up and makeup artist Arjen Tuiten was nominated for an Oscar for his work on the site the second part of “Maleficent”. The way the iconic villain always attracted the attention of her bow often choose to copy for Halloween. Paired with Arjen worked for Rick Baker, he created the horns of Maleficent even for the first part of the picture. They were made from polyurethane, light enough to ensure that they are not delivered angelina discomfort when wearing. Unfortunately, durable not to call: should angelina be hooked horns for anything, as they are easily broken, so it made a lot of spare copies.

The concept of makeup, Jolie had used all the same — as pale skin, a perfectly calibrated arc of the eyebrows and red lips. In 2014, the personal makeup artist of the actress, Tony g, to discover that Arjen can’t find the perfect red, offered him the M. A. C. Matte Lipstick Russian Red. Since then, the lipstick is firmly entrenched on the bestseller list of the brand.

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