Inside the asteroid decided to build a space station


Внутри астероида задумали построить космическую станциюThe specialists there are more unusual ideas.

Although it sounds like the plot of a sci-Fi movie, the staff of the University of Vienna consider this idea: it will give us the opportunity to use the rich minerals and sediments inside these celestial rocks, and the natural body of the asteroid will protect from cosmic radiation.

With the development of space technology from the experts there are more unusual ideas, one of which are plans to build mines on asteroids. The task is difficult, because drilling in microgravity is extremely difficult drilling machine (or drill) will simply rotate around the drill. Use the jackhammer is also not possible: the impact force on the asteroid simply alienate you from him. Therefore, employees of the University of Vienna decided to go to extreme measures to transform the asteroid into a space station and explore it from the inside.

According to a study by Austrian scientists, the results of which are available on the website it is best to create a space station suitable asteroids out of solid rock, which made a few rotations around its axis per minute. This will provide sufficient centrifugal force that will allow astronauts to drill into the asteroid and set up there for mining equipment, which can be from the inside to extract the precious mineral wealth.

According to one of the authors Thomas Meindl (Thomas Maindl) if astronomers manage to find a stable enough asteroid to build a space station will not need the aluminum walls and other materials – you can use space itself to the body. In addition, the presence of a large rocky enclosure around the station will provide natural protection from cosmic rays and radiation that can be fatal to humans.

The scientists face many problems that require solutions: digging a tunnel to build a station inside the asteroid could weaken him to such an extent that the spinning space rock will burst into pieces. In addition, the asteroid can ever stop spinning because of the actions of the astronauts, jeopardizing the success of the whole idea. As suggested by Meindl, similar mission will be undertaken no earlier than 20 years – so much time will be needed to study asteroids and their use.

In the data, calculated Mandla and his colleagues, it is assumed that the asteroid must be made of solid stone, and its gravity should be at 38 percent stronger than on Earth to keep the space station in place and not allow it to “float away” into space. In addition, scientists believe that for a successful result, the asteroid needs to rotate one to three times per minute to create sufficient centrifugal force. Although the size of the asteroid used in the models of scientists, approximately coincide with some of the space rocks that astronomers have seen – including 3757 Angola, 99942 Apophis and 3361 Orpheus – a large part of the composition of these asteroids is not yet known.

A similar idea has great potential: it is likely that these interstellar rocks and other near-earth objects can give us the resources needed for more distant space travel, and will no longer need to rely solely on Land as a source of raw materials and fuel.


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