Insanely expensive things that nobody needs. Photo


Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. ФотоFor those who don’t know how to spend money.

Sometimes, having the opportunity, incredibly hard to resist the really expensive things.

Expensive clothes, cars and homes are worth a lot of money, but, nevertheless, it’s all useful stuff that can pay for themselves.

However, there are items that are incredibly expensive, and thus are impractical, one might even say, absolutely useless.

These are the items you’ll find in this collection:

1. Brick by brand Supreme

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

In September 2016, the street wear brand Supreme have released their collection for fall/winter, and most discussed part of the collection was the usual brick. This brick would not be interesting to anyone, if not for the company logo embossed on it.

It should be noted that Supreme puts its logo on everything from fire extinguishers to stationery knives. It’s just such a chip.

Initially, the bricks were sold for $ 30, but soon the whole party was sold out. Some time later, the brick from the brand Supreme have been spotted on eBay, where it sold for a fairly high price.

Given the price, one of the users of the network calculated how much will cost the bricks Supreme, if someone wants to build a house area of 220 sq. m. Answer: 4 704 000 dollars.

2. A paper bag from the brand Jil Sander

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

A conventional paper bag has received the seal of the brand of Jil Sander and now its price is $ 290. The manufacturer reports that the pack is made from durable parchment paper with neat seams and metal eyelets. And don’t forget the logo of the brand.

3. Tea bag encrusted with diamonds

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

This tea bag was created in 2005, when British tea company PG Tips celebrated its 75th anniversary. The cost of a bag is estimated at $ 10,000, making it the most expensive in the world.

The bag is handmade artisans from British jewellery company Boodles. It is decorated with 280 diamonds, and inside it is an ordinary tea. Unlike other useless items in this list, the bag the company has demonstrated in the commercial centres of the UK, to raise money for the Royal children’s hospital in Manchester.

4. Clip from the brand Prada

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

Regular staples are fairly inexpensive, but the clip Prada was created not for stationery shops. Silver clip for money from this brand retails for $ 185.

Not surprisingly, in social networks, this clip is not surprising. Many began to joke on the subject. One user even wrote that he is willing to pay for staples, if she can screw his entire life.

5. Deluxe boomerang from Chanel

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

This luxury item is part of the collection spring/summer 2017 from the brand Chanel, and it costs 1 $ 325. However, the problem of the subject lies not only in its price – brand criticized the indigenous population of Australia. Chanel was accused in the fact that the brand is trying to capitalize on traditional Australian culture, thereby offending the indigenous population.

The Internet sparked controversy, some were unhappy with the Deluxe boomerang, at the time, as others believed that the accusations are baseless.

In response, the Chanel representatives said that the company respects all cultures of the world, and deeply regrets that its product could offend someone. Despite all the criticism, the brand continued to sell their useless boomerang.

6. Shopping bag from Balenciaga

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

French brand Balenciaga sells their bag for shopping 1 for $ 130. It looks like the bag is made from ordinary paper and similar paper bags, which are given in the boutiques free and… and there… it’s a paper bag, made in Italy. However, she handles made of leather and inside the bag, you can find silver detail and pockets with zipper.

Despite its price and incredible similarity with the free paper bags, the Balenciaga bag is already sold out in the online shop of the brand.

7. Container herbs from Vetements

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

After the legalization of marijuana in several state in 2016, the French fashion house Vetements released a necklace with a small container of pot.

At first glance it seems like it is a regular medallion with the company logo. However, by opening it you find inside some bags, decorated with diamonds and a safety pin and magnetic mount.

Decoration can be made of silver or gold, and its cost is about $ 750.
The most useless things

8. Golden LEGO brick

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

In February 2017, the auction house Catawiki put up for auction one of the rarest pieces of LEGO for $ 20,000. The item is made of 14-Karat pure gold, and its real value – 2 118,54 dollar.

However, in all there were 10 of these blocks (between 1979 and 1981), which were intended for the most important business partners of the company, and the most valuable employees, who worked in a team of LEGO at least 25 years.

9. Gold toilet paper

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

The most expensive toilet paper made by an Australian company Toilet Paper Man. This 3-layer paper was made from 24-carat gold and, according to the web site of the company, “during the use of this paper gold flakes will fall onto the floor, lifting you to new levels of sophistication”.

Now on the website of the company can purchase one roll per 1,558,335 Australian dollars, which is approximately equal to 1 231 575 USD.

10. Cat food from Green Pantry

Безумно дорогие вещи, которые никому не нужны. Фото

In October 2016, the British brand food for cats Green Pantry has released a luxury version of the feed. The cost of the monthly stock is estimated at $ 918 (approximately $ 11 000 per year or $ 15.3 per serving).

Each 2-kilo package costs 30 times more expensive than conventional feed, but it lacks about 10 days. Among its components can be found: black caviar Arenkha, fresh Scottish salmon, lobster, picked crab, asparagus, quinoa and saffron. This package contains no preservatives, GMOs, artificial colors and food additives.


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