Infectious diseases hospital of Novocherkassk was closed due to the departure of all the doctors


Инфекционную больницу Новочеркасска закрыли из-за ухода всех врачей

Hospital infectious diseases hospital Novocherkassk closed due to personnel shortage. Information about it, officials tried to hide, became known at the meeting of the city Council.

That the hospital is closed, said colleagues of the Deputy of Dmitry Popov. The chief gorzdrava Tatiana Gudkova information is partially confirmed according to her, closed the only hospital. And it happened due to the fact that for some unknown reason, resigned from three doctors.

Later in the city of Novocherkassk said that of the hospital infectionsi quit all the doctors. Two, both older than 70 years, left on their own, the head of the Department wrote a statement at the hospital.

As a result children with respiratory diseases will be hospitalized at children’s city hospital, and with viral infections (measles, meningitis, intestinal diseases) to take in Aksai and Rostov TSGB.

The MPs asked the question of why officials withheld from the city Council this information. The Deputy Chairman of the Duma Andrey Karabegov said that each week goes to the meetings to city hall, but they never talked about serious personnel problem. Surprised the position of officials and the Chairman of the Duma Yury Lysenko.

“In all possible ways we try to help the medical institution to allocate money for repairs, I considered the possibility of migration of infectious hospital in separate new modular building, make your suggestions for improving the work of the hospital, accept a lot of complaints from residents – and there is, – he stated. Urgently we consider in detail the question to uncover all the problems and make decisions”.

The deputies suggested that one of the reasons care professionals could become depressing state of the hospital. This year, the Duma has already allocated a million at the beginning of this repair, which allowed us to tidy up the bathrooms and heating system. In 2020 it is planned to allocate 1.5 million on wiring, roofing and other needs.

Now, however, the main issue was how to return specialists. Deputies intend to meet with retired doctors to decide what to do next, depending on the outcome of conversations with them.


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