Industrial tourism in Belarus is dominated by


Производственный туризм в Белоруссии доминирует

In the past year, not once visited Belarus. The permanent Committee of the Union state each time the press tour had proposed a new topic, but the main one was the production. Whatever people did, whatever was built or made – birch SAP, stuffed birds bead, a belt with a watch dump trucks, sets of dirty vegetables for soup, ice cream with toppings or nuclear power station – it was always interesting. In the course of carefully prepared visits of Russian journalists, including this writer, could get acquainted with the experience of development of various branches of the Belarusian economy, culture and social life.

Sometimes these trips called trip to “Potemkin villages,” but in vain: they are too much then there will be a lot of ostentatious, the exhibition subjects. It is impossible not to admit that the nearest Western neighbor of Russia – a country of hospitable and open. At the entrance of companies here even began to set the machines to obovaria visitors to overshoes. Very convenient and practical, and soon, perhaps, to be undressed robots will…

And the Belarusians are hardworking people. My colleague, a cameraman from Tver, did an experiment: in the Belarusian capital on the sidewalk of the Central street put a camera on for ten minutes and counted how many flashes before the lens of the pedestrian, and then did the same thing in Moscow. Two pictures of the stunned by the difference in the Minsk streets on a weekday almost no one, that is, people working in the Russian capital … the crowd running whether on business, or lost something…

Let us also note the obvious: the Belarusian economic model is more promising than the Ukrainian, but all the attention of the TV channels it is now up to the patient. Such is the psychology of the social structure in the post-Soviet space. In spite of it, pay attention to a healthy example because it is useful for the Russians.

Uranium without damage

In the news this year has flashed: the Republic of Belarus refuses to import Russian electricity. They say that much request, and its capacity is increasing. That kind of power, I know firsthand. Together with Belarusian colleagues in the past year visited the facilities under construction in the city of Ostrovets, Grodno region a nuclear power plant, participated in the round table on security issues, and even visited “the Pines” – the joint Institute for power and nuclear research, near Minsk.

The Republic of Belarus decided to take the path of nuclear energy development. Until 2007, when the country was replaced by the concept of energy security here in the European example, implemented a program of renewable sources of energy such as peat, pellets, wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants. And yet the time cycle of the priorities get the Republic back to the idea about using the energy of the atom. The Chernobyl tragedy began to be forgotten, and Russian Rosatom offers the best options so that to abandon them was impossible.
In the summer of 2016 the case of the first reactor of the future station decided to show the journalists that the Russian builders rehearsing lifted him above the mortal earth, and … dropped accidentally. Had a lot of noise and Rosatom, at the insistence of the Belarusian side was replaced with a new product. To our arrival such experiments decided not to make – just showed the object from the observation deck, which was an artificially built hill. Hence all in your hand!

As stated to journalists the Deputy Minister of energy of Belarus Mikhail Mikhadyuk, the attractiveness of nuclear energy is seen in Minsk in the cheapness of production. Still, the production cost of nuclear electricity in half or even two times lower. Reducing electricity prices, Belarus expects to increase the competitiveness of their products in foreign markets on a wide range. Belarusian experts, consulting the IAEA experts and experienced in matters of nuclear power, the Russians, long and carefully selected a site for construction. The swampy soil here and there concealed danger of failures, but in the end a place was found satisfactory for all soil parameters.
First thing in Ostrovets pay attention to the grown buildings of the residential buildings. The neighborhood has grown very pretty. Here built more than 2.5 thousand square meters of housing. Two and three bedroom apartments, Lodge professionals that will serve nuclear power plants, the apartments at obsessisim principles temporarily given to builders, including student teams from Russia. From the observation deck offers a magnificent panorama on construction sites. Then inevitably I think that in our time marketing in the same foot steps with engineering. It is important not only to build but also to announce it to the whole world. Equipment for the plant is already fully contracted. Total cost of the project is estimated at 10 billion US dollars. The Russian government has given the Belarusians a loan to Finance 90% of the value of contracts for construction.

With the commissioning of the nuclear power plant in 2020, the district will close one third of the Republic’s needs in electric energy and can even export this resource abroad. Possibly even in the Novgorod oblast, where their generation capacity was not, and is not expected.

The reactor on the tractor

Once closed the eyes of the object of nuclear research in the Pines near Minsk also decided to do the tourist. First for the journalistic fraternity – something they will write? To photograph on-site, however, strictly forbidden, and talk heart to heart with the nuclear industry failed. They can not tell everything, but we knowledge in quantum physics is insufficient to understand visually. Heavy deadbolts, cameras, a multi-ton installation for experiments and sullen faces of scientists – that is, perhaps, the main impressions. In one of the production bays to squeeze I was not able – colleagues all missed, and the space is not enough. But still, one-on-one with an employee escorting us. What he shared in an emergency situation? Not so much resentment at low wages – tightened belts scientists are used to, as the fact that the centre failed to implement the plans. The main efforts of the Soviet nuclear industry in the Pines was focused on creating a mini-nuclear reactor. One that could be installed on the tank or on the tractor. Don’t laugh, because the Americans did the same. Overseas developers nothing came of this idea, and in Minsk, scientists noticed that were very close to creating a similar setup – there she is, standing in the courtyard at the entrance, you can even take a picture, but the events at Chernobyl put paid to the project’s implementation in life. What now? Engineers engaged in safety issues of nuclear waste disposal on a rapidly aging base, and meanwhile the global industry is already focused on fusion devices, and the Americans have the projects to create movable mini-reactors. What if our competitors are the first to receive sunshine in your pocket?!

Road motor!

In the summer of 2015 on DERJAVA-forming enterprise in the city of Zhodino, the Minsk region is actively implementing the project of industrial tourism “BelAZ brand of Belarus”. For two years the industrial giant have visited more than 40 thousand people from 20 countries. Every Earthling can visit BelAZ and to get acquainted with the production process and mining equipment in terms of career growth (average salary is 700 USD). Beautiful trucks weighing 300 tons or more on tests so mobile, that we didn’t have time to aim the lenses, as they have already slipped by. To get to the steering cabin via the conventional iron stairs giant, capable of carrying 450 tons of ore a dream, perhaps, any tourist. By the number of issued mining equipment – 130 thousand machines – BelAZ ahead of its main competitor, settled on the other continents: firm Caterpillar (the caterpillar in translation). By the way, Zhodino just a cult of industrial tourism. On the pedestrian street, every business in town put metal composition, representing the company in the sculptural style of heavy metal.
The Belarusians were pleasantly surprised by regular buses on the streets of Minsk. This long-awaited for passengers ecologically clean type of transport due to mysterious reasons does not occupy a dominant position in the streets of cities and small towns. Plant managers are confident that the tribute to diesel and petrol engines humanity is paying purely in the interests of transnational monopolies. At the dawn of the automobile electric cars dominated the movement, and gave his leadership to internal combustion engines for not entirely convincing reasons.

To go by bus is very convenient. Quiet, spacious cabin with comfortable seats, and for users of smartphones and tablets provided for the outlet. Only 5 – 6 minutes required to charge the capacitors, that is, the electric bus can be recharged during the stop. As assured us, the engineers, compared with the trolleybus electricity consumption is 14% less than the cost of operating the lines. Model electric bus being adapted to the length of the route for up to 30 kilometers, and it’s guaranteed to take passengers at speeds up to 60 km per hour.

Now the age-old tradition in urban infrastructure to rebuild is difficult. In order to teach the customers to a new kind of public transport, the company produces the hybrid trolley that can move like with a mustache and without them. The city of St.-Petersburg interested. First elektrobosna route with the Belarusian buses are laid in Kronstadt. Eyeing Sochi, and Moscow is preparing the Russian answer to the Belarusians. There’s only paving tiles can spend 7 billion rubles, and say that this is not enough. Not skated technologies in the Russian capital do not have a chance. About the failed monorail generally keep quiet.

The pen mozzam

On Prospekt Pobediteley in Minsk from the Soviet times on the facade of a tall building emblazoned a poster: “Glory to perimortem!”. Since December’s trip to Belarus was a lot of Humanities, was a wise – like, we welcome who is fluent pen. In fact, the letters in the whole expanse of the building greeted the winners. It just so happened that in the Russian language the word “victory” comes from the same root with him the word “bad”, that is, the winner is the one who could give trouble to go through, not buried under it. In the Belarusian language got ahold of the old Slavonic word “Peremoga”, that is, the winner is the one who endured, overcame adversity.

In the tour, invited mostly the winners of the literary competition “Bridge of friendship”. The literary matter is also work, too work, and socially important, and therefore requiring stimulation. The contest is held for the second time, and now literary critics from the jury noted that the submitted works have become much more Mature, choose from more than two hundred authors was not so easy. Six Russian and six Belarusian young writers not only received certificates in National library of Belarus, but also took home copies of the newly published anthology of their works, translated into Russian and Belarusian languages.

Currently beginning writers not only claim to fees, but have self-published print books with his poems and stories. Once in the National library of Belarus on the tour has announced that taking books to the storage and novelty necessarily entered in the directory, immediately found authors wishing to send their self-published notebooks with poems and short stories on eternal storage. Not all of the friends to give…

I read and I almanac… the winners among the short stories and hit “Flycatchers! Fly swatter!” – a pretty wicked satire on the Russian reality. Judging by the performance on the award certificate, a Muscovite Egor Kulikov wrote my essay on a whim, thinking about something else, about the succession of generations, but happened what happened, and now written with a pen, an axe will not cut down. Read his poignant narrative, copied from the present day – and you will understand what I mean. That different socio-economic models bring different results, even if they act in close cooperation. In one case, the prevalent social side of things, another in relation to the human labor, the economy remains economical.


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