Indian lost at poker and gave the wife friends-rapists


The incident was repeated twice with permission of the spouse. The woman sued, after which a criminal case was opened.

Resident of India after losing friends at poker allowed to rape his wife, which put at stake. The incident occurred in the town of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India, reports the with reference to

According to the newspaper, the man often played poker with his friend Arun and cousin Anil. Once, when he ran out of money, he staked his wife.

After losing, he allowed his friends to rape a woman. After she left home, moved to relatives.

The husband followed her, coming with an apology. He stated that he made a mistake and asked her to come back. When my wife succumbed to the entreaties of her husband and returned Indian brought her friends and rape again.

The victim went to the police, but her application was not accepted. A criminal case was opened only after she sued.


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