India was beaten to death by a man in a shirt made of gold


В Индии забили до смерти мужчину в рубашке из золотаOn suspicion of committing a crime detained four people.

Indian businessman Datta Fugue, earned status on the loans and is known for its passion for gold, beaten to death, according to police.

On suspicion of committing a crime detained four people being questioned. The fight might have happened because of money.

According to police, one of the suspects invited the Fugue and his 22-year-old son on his birthday, which he celebrated in Pune (150 km South-East of Mumbai).

When the Fugue with his son came to the appointed place, they were attacked by about 12 people with stones and sharp objects. The police say that the son witnessed his father’s murder, with the perpetrators spared.

Datta Fugue always wore a lot of gold jewelry, like a locket and chain on the neck, many rings, chunky bracelets. He became known around the world in 2013, when bought for 250 thousand dollars a shirt made of gold.

“Some people ask me why I wear so much gold, but this was my dream. We all have different preferences. Some people from the elites want to have Audi or Mercedes and buying expensive cars. I chose gold,” said the FAA bi-Bi-si in 2013.


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