Incredibly expensive things found in landfills. Photo


Невероятно дорогие вещи, найденные на свалках. ФотоThat’s good luck!

You cannot imagine what treasures can you find at the dump! According to statistics, things worth millions of dollars, often find it at the dump.

And the reason is absolute commonplace, many people do not sometimes represent the values of an object and considering it junk, without regret breaking up with him. Thrown sometimes old books autographed or raw precious and simple stones.
Today will surprise you and will tell you about the most valuable and expensive items that were found on a garbage dump – but by chance or not we don’t know)))). So, go ahead:

1. Necklace with genuine diamonds

Невероятно дорогие вещи, найденные на свалках. Фото

Gift, ex-boyfriend, was thoughtlessly thrown away by the girl, for the simple reason that – thought it was an ordinary cheap glass. Great folly!

After it was found in a junkyard and was a real diamond!
By the way, the landfill worker who found this necklace, was arrested while trying to sell his discovery. Would be better if the find was brought to the police and received a reward. That’s the story of diamonds.

2. Stolen painting

Невероятно дорогие вещи, найденные на свалках. Фото

Once getting rid of unnecessary junk, writer Elizabeth Gibson found the canvas. True, she didn’t throw it away with all the trash and hung on the wall.

Later it turned out that it was a stolen painting by an artist from Mexico – Rufino Tamayo. Kidnapped her in 2003 and seems lost. Find estimated half a million dollars!

3. Old computer

Невероятно дорогие вещи, найденные на свалках. Фото

All known S. jobs, in 1976, decided to throw out your old PC, but he felt pity to throw out and he just took it to a recycling center. An employee of this center decided to leave the PC myself, and for many years the computer just gathering dust in a warehouse. When Steve jobs became a celebrity about the old computer remembered it and it was sold for two hundred thousand dollars. It is worth to store rubbish, through decades it can turn into a real treasure!

4. Treasure at the dump Jersey 2017

Under a pile of garbage in a landfill, ordinary fans that went to the dump in search of valuable or expensive things, accidentally discovered some very ancient coins.

Невероятно дорогие вещи, найденные на свалках. Фото

The seekers of treasures not stopped and with a metal detector – found …now how Zadornov, pause, and you type more air in lungs. – 700 pounds of coins and jewelry Out!

Found value in 2 thousand years and the cost of this incredible mountains in the garbage as much as $ 17 million!
And again the finding was in 2017, it proves that our time may find incredible treasures!


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