Incredibly, but fact: scientists have determined one of the most intelligent animals


Невероятно, но факт: ученые определили одно из самых умных животныхGoats form deep emotional attachment.

It turns out that goats are not inferior to their own abilities even dogs. They could be the new man’s best friend.

Christian Nawrot, one of the authors, notes that if a goat wants to get something from his master, she looks straight in the eye. In this species, ungulates are generally very well developed communication system. This animal is as smart and loving as dogs with horses.

If to speak only about the farm animals, the goats will be winners in the race. Scientists have confirmed these statements by experiments. They gave the goats a difficult situation and asked to overcome them. First, the animals studied look of a man and did what he showed.

In addition, it is no secret that Pets, and wild goats are always friendly to people. Based on this, the last time scientists began more often to study these cloven-hoofed animals.


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