Incredibly: black hole star exploded


Невероятно: черная дыра взорвала звездуAmazing discovery.

NASA experts have modeled the absorption of stars by the black hole.

It is noteworthy that first of all a black hole is trying to break the Orb, and at a later stage to absorb the whole material of which it is composed. But in the process there is pretty impressive stream of particles left from the lights, and they pulled back from the depths of a black hole. As a result, these particles fill all space near the hole that does not let them from him, pulling his power.

All this leads to the formation of a “halo”, and, simply, the glow around the black hole, disappearing even from the wind. The closest to our planet black hole in our galaxy is at a distance of 290 million years from Earth.

Famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking believes that in the future people will learn to artificially create black holes and use them. Moreover, these mysterious space objects can serve for our descendants, who managed to “tame” their long-term energy source. As reported by the BBC, the astrophysicist argues that the creation of black holes by man will occur in the so-called “extra” space-time dimensions.

Incredibly, a black hole of gigantic proportions (e.g., the Sun) will emit the above-described particles is so low speed that they are nearly impossible to fix. The hole of smaller dimensions (with mount) will produce much more powerful x – ray and gamma radiation. It can be measured is about 10 million megawatts, enough to power all the appliances of our planet.

The presence of such a black hole would be not a joyous event for the population of the Earth, because the slightest indiscretion could lead to global disaster. This means that the farther black holes located from our planet, the life on it is quieter.

Besides, Stephen Hawking has said that to create an object of such a plan people are currently taking advantage of the Large antonym Collider. While precedents, fortunately, was not. Recall that the astrophysicist also claimed that in the next thousand years humanity will face a huge catastrophe.

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But the biggest threats to the people he named nuclear war, artificially created viruses and the notorious global warming.


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