In which cities buy property German millionaires?


В каких городах покупают жилье немецкие миллионеры?

One of the best investments can be real estate. Wealthy Germans are well aware of this and are buying homes and apartments, both in Germany and abroad. Where are the millionaires like the most? The company specializing in the sale of real estate, Luxuryestate published spinochordodes in which the Germans are more likely to purchase expensive housing.

Superiority in this respect, of course, belongs to his native Munich and Berlin. Moreover, the capital of the state was in second place ranking from Luxuryestate. Advantages of Munich is a high quality of life, proximity to the mountains and plenty of cultural attractions. At the end of last year, the average price of real estate in the Bavarian capital was 3 million euros. The cost of housing the premium in Berlin is coming to Munich prices.

Three leaders closes the capital of Austria — Vienna. That the Germans often prefer this city plays an important role, geographical proximity and cultural similarities. This year, wealthy people from Germany willing to pay for apartments in Vienna an average of 2, 5 million euros.

Spain is the favourite destination of German tourists. For some quality rest are even ready to buy a house there. So the fourth line of the list of real estate occupies the island of Ibiza. The average price of homes by the sea here is 3, 2 million euros.

Rio de Janeiro suddenly found itself in fifth place in the rankings. The city became popular among German millionaires after the world Cup (2014) and Olympic games (2016). Also one of the most popular places to purchase elite square meters entered Cote d’azur in France, namely Saint-Tropez; Palma the capital of Mallorca Spanish; Dubai; Spanish Marbella and, of course, the financial capital of the world – new York.



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