In We started the football game


В Crossout начался футбольный постапокалипсис“Steel Cup” will be held in the Park from 7 to 21 June.

In the automotive Thriller Crossout started your world Cup. Naturally, the rules had specific with the cars and weapons.

How to tell the developers, “players” roll in to the stadium in specially prepared cars. There are two guns: “Pin” attack from afar and allows you to knock the ball from under the nose of the enemy, and “Crawls” captures and attracts sports equipment to you.

While the gun is perfectly safe for participants, up to the end of the match will survive everything. But dirty tricks are not prohibited: for example, allow the goalkeeper to pull away from the gate with the harpoon. Ingenuity in evrofutbol welcome!

Each match involves two teams of three. For winning give unique labels and decorations for promemoria. Awards can how to keep and to sell to other players.

“Steel Cup” will be held in the Park from 7 to 21 June.


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