In Warsaw will install anti-terrorist barriers


В Варшаве установят антитеррористические барьерыWarsaw officials want to establish in the heart of automatic barriers.

More than 7 million zlotys (about $ 2 million), Warsaw will provide for the installation of the lifting of anti-terrorist barriers on the Royal route of the Polish capital.

The Chairman of the Council of Warsaw ewa Malinowska-Grupinska.

In particular, according to her, the Warsaw officials want to establish in the heart of automatic barriers to protect pedestrians from out on the sidewalk uncontrolled car or cars of terrorists.

“We’re not talking about the threat, but I want to be ready for it,” said she.

“We rather look at what is happening in Europe. Warsaw is a great capital of a large European (countries – ed.) and we must realize that the same threats that exist in the world can touch us. In this regard, it is better to prevent than to grab his head when this happens”, – said the representative of the authorities.

Barriers should appear in 2020, where currently the Management of urban roads sets out concrete protection.

We will remind as it was reported earlier, in Poland a van with six Ukrainian citizens fell under the wheels of the truck, two people were killed and four wounded.


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