In Warsaw, thousands of poles came to the rally


В Варшаве тысячи поляков вышли на митинг People rallied against the conservative government.

In the Polish capital Warsaw, thousands of people on Saturday came at an anti-government demonstration protesting against the policies of the conservative government. This was reported by Polish radio.

Freedom March organized by the opposition (Civic platform, “nowoczesne” and “Committee for the defence of democracy”) was in the center of the capital.

The police claimed that the March was attended by 12 000 people, but representatives of the city hall say 90,000 people.

The leader of the party Civic platform Grzegorz Schetyna said at the rally that the opposition is a duty to the poles, have to build a coalition that can win the next election.

He said that together with other groups his party creates a public coalition, which is open to all parties, including leftist and liberal.

“We are together not because of fear but because we want to give the poles the hope that the outcome of this fateful hour,” he said.


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