In Volokolamsk 29 children were admitted to the hospital because of a gas release at the dump


В Волоколамске 29 детей попали в больницу из-за выброса газа на свалке

29 pupils of school №2 of Volokolamsk was hospitalized, as expected, due to the strong release of hydrogen sulfide in waste landfill “Sound”.

“Children came in the morning to school, apparently after inhaling the gas, hydrogen sulphide, the smell of which was standing with the night. His peak was from 8:00 to 11:00. In the beginning they felt headache, dizziness, some were vomiting,”— said TASS Director of the school Irina Dmitrenko. According to her, parents take their children from kindergartens.

Law enforcement Agency reported that hospitals left 23 children with symptoms of poisoning. All complaints to the medical institutions have treated more than 50 children, said the Ministry of health of the Moscow region.


The authorities of the Volokolamsk district reported that on the territory of education “there was a release of landfill gas”. “Now the source is discovered and eliminated,”— said “RIA Novosti” in the administration area.

In the administration of the city of Volokolamsk to Interfax, said that schools and kindergartens are working normally, however, “the management of the education system, Volokolamsk district, leaves behind parents of children the right to decide whether to attend school or kindergarten.” “Absenteeism will not be observed”,— said in the city administration.

The situation around the ground “Sound” the authorities consider critical. In early March, in the Volokolamsk district introduced a state of emergency.


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