In Volgograd sustainable winter



The Volga river above the dam. Walked about 2.5 km in the Morning the ice is slippery, but then a little snow sprinkled and became easier to walk. And it is necessary to walk a lot.

My friend and were both caught on rattlin. Caught 7-tails, all of edible size. A lot of bites, but for some reason I have pecked only one of rattlin. The rest, or past the fish swam, or did not like the pike.

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Volgograd reservoir above Primorsk. Weather more comfortable yesterday, but the fish are capricious. You can say the bite did not exist, or the active fish are not found. Although the terrain is “delicious” razbudili, and almost nobody touched.

All fish caught at depths from 11 to 8 m Deeper was caught Bursch 1 and 2 “file”. In summary: were zaburilis, inhaled, took home 5 tails, 3 drowned, 2 missing. From a friend a little better: 6 PCs, 1 for 1.5 and 2 kg of tail per kilogram.


Floodplain, Kapustin Yar. On Saturday we caught a bit of Beli. Sometimes tumble the large roach and Rudd, but very lethargic and Moody.

The next day Belle stopped to bait at all. Rescued perch, quite valid, marketable, gram to 500 . Bite is also very sluggish. Caught on the jig with a crank.

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Floodplain, Kapustin Yar. Purposefully came to catch pike Gerlich, which bought small crucians. Loaded 8 Gerlich, were placed around the pit – silence.

Fire intermittently, but very rarely and often by. Take it as pike bait in my teeth keeps. However, to wait for further roll-out did not work. Pike Moody. All day biting the bait and throwing.

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With slim collars and small tees did not bother. She’s from the lake is not going anywhere. Let the eggs fatten until spring. We caught 7 small pike. The pot-bellied pulled exactly 2 kg. In most cases, baitfish served purchase Karasik.

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Roach caught, but it is the same song. One zherlitsa three times fired. Poor Karasik was released completely cleaned from the scales. That is, in fact, the future mirror carp.
The rocker saw three bite – by. People prevlevel of plotvits and perch.


On Karpovka reservoir opposite Volgodonsk breeze swept out of the hole, but catch on bessatalk allowed. Up to three hours a day catching, then tired.

I wanted to catch only small fry, so we caught the jig “gwozdecky”, “gvozdenovic” and the Jack. “Gwozdecky” 1.2 grams with a brass ball. “Trick”, in my opinion, worked better.

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The strange behavior of the roach. Then is silent for half an hour, then you get to the hole with a series of 10-20 pieces with greedy bites. React to different methods of fishing. And high, and near the bottom, and in the grass and on the lowering.

Personally, I worked best with a slow lift with dribbling. Caught more than the last fishing.


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