In Vladivostok started selling food on credit


Во Владивостоке начали продавать еду в кредит

Seaside shopping network has offered its customers the products on credit. Loans gives the MFI.

It should be noted that cards of three, five and 10 rubles were issued on the eve of the New year, but the wide publicity the campaign received just now.

To take a consumer loan for the purchase of goods in the trading network (not necessarily food) for a period of one to three months, the interest rate depends on the period and ranges from three to five percent. The campaign finishes on 30 March.

The news caused heated discussions in social networks and Internet forums.

“Probably forgot how many stores in the past, products were sold “on the record” as a rule, loyal customers or employees of organization “to pay” in the shops at these organizations,” write the participants in the Network.

As told “RG” the head of a microfinance organization Ivacheva Victoria, since the beginning of the event was issued only eight cards for a total amount of less than 40 thousand rubles, so to speak about the mass demand for “credits for food” is an overstatement.

– And most of the cards picked by our staff, and it was only 2-3 “external” customer, she said. – Developing credit, we understand that it is not mass, furthermore, commercial network and previously and now offered their gift cards. We wanted to offer not just a gift card, and the card costs which you can distribute in time. At the same time we wanted to see how popular the product is. Today we leave some companies (and it’s not just the food network) with a proposal to do such an action with them, but, firstly, this product important average check, and other estimates, second, we are serious about risk assessment and do not issue cash loans to everyone – she said


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