In Uzbekistan have discovered a unique ancient structure


В Узбекистане обнаружили уникальное древнее сооружениеScientists found ancient wall defending from nomads

Archaeologists have discovered ancient structure, which was protected from attacks of nomads. It is located in the North of ancient Bakrie.

An international group of scientists which included archaeologists from Russia and Uzbekistan found an ancient fortification system, which is located on the territory of modern Uzbekistan. The researchers believe that these structures carried the fortification function and prevent from attacks of nomads.

Scientists stumbled upon a wall during a survey of the fortress Uzundara. It turned out that she is part of the whole fortifications. The conducted work gave the opportunity for modern researchers to draw up a detailed plan of this architectural construction. The collected material about the life of ancient people, building opportunities, will give archaeologists the potential to fill gaps in existing knowledge. It is reported that it is now possible to establish the cause of death of the fortress, which was the result of the assault.

Previously managed to install that uzundara fortress, the archeologists, housed a Greco-Macedonian garrison, which defended the Northern borders from attacks from the outside and confirmed the power of the Seleucid dynasty in the region.The basis phylacteries was the Central building (the rock complex), and a room with two large cellars. One of them, with dimensions of 10 x 5 meters and a depth of 4 meters, the inside was lined with lead plates on the bronze nails and rivets of lead.

During the excavations the archaeologists found few unique details of the iron helmets, plate armor, weapon, 200 coins and various fragments of pottery. Analysis of the findings led to the conclusion that the fortress existed for only about 150 years.


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