In Ukraine there will be new social network


В Украине появится новая соцсетьEx-founder of Ukrainians announced a Patriotic social network “Esoe”.

After the closure of the Ukrainian social networks Ukrainians ideologist of the project Alexander Struminska announced a new project – the social network “Esoe”.

In Facebook she promises that the social network is expected to be launched in September.

“Due to its ambitious approach, innovativeness and thoroughness of understanding of the needs from the casual user to the business (project) will bring together not only Ukrainians but also citizens of other States,” wrote Struminska.

He added that the project has been a completely different team than Ukrainians.

“When you see the scale of the project, you will understand that it is not “ephemeral”, and a real competitor not only Russian social network, but Facebook. First and foremost is content (music, movies…), that is completely legal. In addition, Esoe is also a business network where each user (if necessary) will be able to earn. We offer the tools how to start your own business, and to improve the existing one. Also at the first stage will be the integrated applications and interesting games and useful software with which users are familiar – at the start,” said startups.


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