In Ukraine the Communist regime equated to Nazi


На Украине коммунистический режим приравняли к нацистскому

In the published decision of the constitutional court of Ukraine said that in his criminal nature of the Nazi and Communist regimes were the same. This decision is final.

“The document, posted on the website of the Ukrainian court indicated that the Communist and Nazi regimes were repressive and inhumane, and methods of the exercise of the state’s repressive policy – identical – the website of radio station “Echo of Moscow”. The text notes: the condemnation of the Ukrainian law on decommunization of the Nazi and Communist regimes and the establishment of a ban on the use of their symbols justified by a legitimate purpose – to prevent a return to the heritage of the totalitarian past.”

But against this there were objections that led to the consideration of the issue by the Constitutional court. In April 2015, Ukraine adopted a law on de-communization, prohibit, among other things, and the Communist party of the country that previously had its own faction in the Parliament. But a number of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada was asked to give it a rating. Now in the document published on the portal of the Ukrainian constitutional court noted that the identity of communism and Nazism was one of the reasons for the huge human losses of the USSR during the Second world war.


In the campaign of de-communization in Ukraine there is an equal prohibition of public denial of the criminal nature of the Communist and Nazi regimes. Introduced and a ban on public use of Nazi and Communist symbols.


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