In Ukraine saw a car with a very rare offer


В Укрaинe видели aвтoмобиль с oчeнь рeдкими нoмeрaми  The car is called “americablog”

Ukraine on the road noticed a vehicle with Texas plates. The car is called “americablog”.

Social networks available pictures of the machine. The photo shows Ford red American Texas plates. With similar numbers of cars for the Ukrainian market – a rarity.

In the words of experts, “everblame” is no surprise, but a car with American registration to meet almost impossible. This car is “lit up” in the river.

It is expected that in the coming months of Ukrainian machine without registration will gradually disappear from sight. After the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada bills o rates of excise tax are the drivers behind the wheel of these cars will be outlawed.


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