In Ukraine officially unveiled a new Tesla Model 3


В Украине официально представили новую Tesla Model 32 March, Ukraine presented the new electric car Tesla Model 3.

Presentation of a new electric car company Tesla, Elon musk takes place March 2-3 at the exhibition Plug-In Ukraine in the exhibition center “KyivExpoPlaza”.

The U.S. model has started to sell from Dec 2017 to those who previously signed up to purchase. In EU countries, sales will begin only from July this year.

On Plug-In Ukraine show Tesla Model 3 in the premium set. The electric panoramic roof, 18-inch wheels, a system of semi-Autonomous driving, and the range on a single charge is 500 kilometers.

The door handles are camouflaged electric car, there are two trunks – front and rear, the body has several cameras.

In the salon almost no buttons, all manipulations carried out through a Central touch-screen monitor, there are no air deflectors on the dash.

“What we brought here for the first time, Tesla Model 3, is an extraordinary event. It’s kind of a proof that Ukraine is a country of innovators, the country where electric cars in the first place – in the news, dreams and reality”, – says CEO of the dealership ElectroCars (which brought the car) Alexander Kravtsov.

The dealership ordered a new Model 3 Tesla. However, as explained in the company, in the queue for the purchase of such a machine is already about 400 thousand people.

That is, in Ukraine the car would have to get in about a year.

“I did not expect. Chose the electric car with a known history and low mileage – a few thousand miles,” – said the owner of the dealership.

Blue Tesla Model 3, which will present today, set a record. Her former owner Daniel Zorilya and editor of the American edition of the Drive Alex Roy held a 4-day test drive. Overcame 4602 miles in 50 hours, 16 minutes and 32 seconds. This was 5 hours faster than the distance travelled Model S in 2016.

This model in Ukraine plan to sell for 79 thousand. The names of potential buyers have not yet announced, but according to Kravtsova, to take a Tesla for a test drive have asked the head of the Ukrainian project for the construction of the Hyperloop in Ukraine – HypeUA Alexander Oseran.

В Украине официально представили новую Tesla Model 3


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