In Ukraine may receive another exam for drivers


В Украине может появиться еще один экзамен для водителейIn the EU, all drivers must undergo psychological testing when obtaining a driver’s license.

Psycho-physiological testing, or “idioten test” can enter in the examination for drivers in 2019.

In Kiev, presented the Vienna test system Traffic Vienna drivers, which allows to identify psychological problems of drivers and their causes. The system presented by Guinti Psychometrics Ukraine.

Representatives of the Ministry of health consider it necessary to introduce testing of all candidates from the drivers as well as anyone who transports people and is engaged in transportation professional. Anna Glebocka, head of occupational health and injury prevention, public health Center of Ministry of health of Ukraine noted that “now is only a common inspection of the driver, a blood test, and this is clearly not enough to ensure safe transportation.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a Strategy for improving road safety in Ukraine for the period up to 2020, in particular the end of 2019 at the legislative level it is planned to approve medical and psychological evaluation of candidates and drivers of vehicles and the creation of a unified database on issued medical certificates”.

Vienna testing system used in more than seventy countries in the world legally approved in 16 of them.

Psychological certification is carried out in the examinations while obtaining the driving licence for professional drivers, elderly drivers at risk (frequent offense, aggressive behavior, alcohol abuse, etc.) or people with neurological diseases. In Germany, such tests are called “idioten test” for violators of traffic rules are held on a paid basis. According to the results of psychological tests in Austria more than 20% of drivers require psychological correction of behavior.

“In the EU, all drivers must undergo psychological testing when obtaining a driver’s license or frequent offences. Vienna test system the Vienna Traffic gives drivers the opportunity to not only identify the problem but also correct the behavior, skills of safe behavior behind the wheel,” says CEO Guinti Psychometrics Ukraine Oleg Burlachuk.


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