In Ukraine, may expand the list of medical contraindications to driving


В Украине могут расширить список медицинских противопоказаний к вождению The draft order of the Ministry of health includes a long list of diseases.

On the website of the Ministry of health of Ukraine published the draft order, which contains a list of medical contraindications for candidates for drivers and drivers of vehicles.

The list of contraindications is pretty big. Primarily these include eye disease, abnormal. If this violation of color perception allowed.

A number of restrictions for persons with dentures and who have problems with their hands or feet.

To driving suggest not to allow people suffering from hemorrhoids, dropsy of the testicle or of the spermatic cord.

In addition to driving, I suggest not to allow people with vascular disease, congenital or acquired valvular heart disease, hypertensive disease, diseases of the blood.

This list of diseases has been widely discussed among the drivers in social networks, because people with similar health problems a lot, including among drivers.


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