In Ukraine for doctors has created a unique SUV


Wheel drive vehicle for emergency medical ambulance.

The worst thing faced by the doctors working on the ambulances – when the medical team does not have time, reports the with reference to Browser.

The reasons are different, but often ambulance, due to technical reasons, just can’t get to the patient. This is especially true in rural areas or in mountain areas after heavy rains or bad weather the roads turn into impassable obstacles.

Now the teams working on the ambulances have a chance to be in the right place at the right time, regardless of weather and road conditions. Ukrainian company “Reform” has developed and introduced a four-wheel drive for emergency medical ambulance which today has no analogues in our country.

This is the first development of the company “Reform”, which for many years is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of special vehicles. Unique four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle Infina Reform will allow to provide emergency medical care in the most remote places.

Infina is a conceptually new ambulance, based on reliable and unpretentious in operation of the pick-up Mitsubishi L200. The car has a compliant fluorescent color scheme, decals, and equipped with special light and sound signals.

The cabin configuration allows to apply the standard accommodation medical equipment and also individually plan its arrangement in the outer and inner compartments and compartments, depending on the needs of physicians.

The salon has a high level of acoustic, thermal and vibration isolation seat for medical staff equipped with seat belts. Flooring – waterproof, anti-static and resistant to disinfectants. In addition, there are special devices for securing medical devices and handrails.

The vehicle has additional battery and charger for it, a system connecting an external source of electricity 220V-protected plug / socket connector and cable locking system start engine when connected to an external power source, a voltage transformer 12/220V, different light sources, both inside and outside the cabin, outlets for 12V and 220V, portable lights and remote General management of the electrical systems.

For various health care needs Reform Infina is equipped with a gas supply system. Under the trim is the gas pipeline. In addition, the set includes 2 oxygen cylinder, capacity 10 liters each with mounting brackets and reducers, as well as 2 oxygen outlets with quick release coupling. There are a variety of medical furniture including a table, a lockable box for medicines, and pockets for equipment.

Reform Infina is equipped with a 154-HP 2.4-liter diesel engine and 6-speed manual transmission. Comfortable travel on the road will help brand four-wheel drive Easy Select 4WD with lock rear differential, high ground clearance and rugged frame construction.

For better ride quality and improve the behavior of the car on the road, as well as improved comfort for patients and medical staff, by car used double wishbone front suspension with stabilizer bar, while the rear uses original design with adjustable air suspension.

Thus, the Ukrainian doctors of emergency medicine there was a car that not only meets the current requirements but will enable the doctors to do their job quickly and efficiently.


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