In Ukraine began to undo the yellow traffic signal


В Украине начали отменять желтый сигнал светофораThe first city, which at night time will cancel the “flashing yellow” will become the winery.

A few months ago was actively discussed the theme of “the abolition of the yellow signal of the traffic light”. The proposal put forward at a meeting of the Cabinet then at the level of ideas, is now beginning to be realized. The first city, which at night time will cancel the “flashing yellow” will become the winery.

It is now known that it means “cancel yellow”, because according to several documents, including international, tri-colour system of traffic management to cancel in General is virtually impossible.

Since 11 June night on the main streets the traffic lights will not be switched to “standby”. That is, regardless of the time of day, traffic lights will work as usual, continuing to regulate the movement as the day, with all three signals.

Cancel “night mode”, when the traffic on intersections equipped with traffic lights, switched from the regulated to the unregulated, aims to improve road safety. This step should prevent the “night race” and give more safety to pedestrians, who can cross the road at traffic lights, and not relying on the care of drivers and their compliance with the Rules of the road.

The decision to ban “night flashing yellow” embedded Vinnytsya city Council in cooperation with the local patrol police. Yuriy Lavrenyuk, Vice Minister of infrastructure, which is one of the initiators of “the abolition of yellow” on his Facebook page expressed hope that “after the approval of the Government, these recommendations (concerning the abolition of night mode for traffic lights) will be implemented by all local authorities across the country”.


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