In Ukraine are going to facilitate organ transplant


В Украине собираются упростить пересадку органов I propose to introduce a “presumption of disagreement” and put a stamp in the passport or the rights.

This week will decide the fate of one of the most resonant issues in modern Ukrainian medicine, the legalization of organ transplantation. Second reading of the bill in Parliament scheduled for Thursday.

The document proposes to give the Ukrainians the right in life to make a decision about donating their organs after death. If the bill passes, it will come into force in 2019.

The document suggests a free organ transplants only for medical reasons. When life authorities will be able to sacrifice all adult Ukrainians, except pregnant women, prisoners and the sick. Those wishing to donate posthumously will be required to give written consent to the transplant coordinator (this position will appear after the adoption of the law). The donor may change your mind at any time and withdraw consent, but may even to say about a lifelong failure.

A note on the donation can be put in a passport or driver licence. Also people in life may choose a third person who will give permission to transplant his body after death. If people in life are undecided, the decision will be taken by relatives or those involved in the funeral. Otherwise, it will be presumed disagreement.

“One donor can save the lives of eight people. Transplantation and stem cells in Ukraine annually need about 5000 people, of which over 3,400 are dying while waiting for surgery. The bill creates a whole chain from donor to recipient,” — said the head of the health Committee Olga Bogomolets.

To donors and recipients have found each other, will develop and launch a Single system of transplantation. There will be several registers: post-mortem donors, managers of organs from deceased, living donors, donor stem cells and recipient patients who have undergone organ transplant hospitals and transplant coordinators.

The registry will be closed: will be available only for the list of coordinators and medical institutions. Access to the rest of the information by the coordinators of the Ministry of health and forensic (post-mortem organ donation).

The removal of organs from a corpse will only occur after the doctors noted the death of the brain. In the case of biological death, the statement is not needed. Also, the authorities are prohibited to withdraw the children-orphans, disabled people, and unidentified victims in the Donbas fighters. To withdraw bodies will be specialized teams that have yet to create the Ministry of health.

According to some MPs, the document is buggy:

“No mechanism to ensure maximum consideration of the will of the deceased. The law changed the definition of “brain death”. There was no clear medical and legal criteria of brain death that can create the preconditions for the removal of organs even from living person, — said the people’s Deputy Tetyana Bakhteyeva. — In terms of military action very difficult to avoid and significant risks of the “black transplantation”.

The doctors retort and debunk myths about the threats of mass abductions for transplantation abroad:

“Most of the organs such as the liver, heart or lungs more than 3-4 hours outside the body do not live. Secondly, for example, in Belarus after the adoption of the “presumption of consent” in five years, there was not a single criminal proceedings. But the number of transplants has increased by 40 times, closed most dialysis centers that Ukraine annually spend millions of dollars,” says Director Boris Todurov.


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