In Turkey have discovered Roman toilet with obscene images


В Турции обнаружили древнеримский туалет с непристойными изображениямиFigures parody scenes from ancient mythology.

In the ancient city of Antioch Ad Cragum, located on the territory of modern Turkey, archaeologists found the ruins of a public restroom of the II century BC, whose walls are decorated with mosaics-parodies of Greco-Roman myths.

One of the scenes plays with the myth of Ganymede, a Trojan boy, whom Jupiter in the form of an eagle abducted and carried away to Olympus, where he made his personal Cup-bearer and a concubine. In some interpretations Ganymede acts as the God of love between men.

Ganymede is usually depicted with a Hoop and stick to play with a Hoop, however, in this mosaic he is holding a stick with a sponge – probably to clean the toilet. And Jupiter shows no mighty eagle, herons and comical with a sponge in his beak, extending to the genitals of Ganymede.

The second story is a parody of the myth of Narcissus, a beautiful youth who fell in love with the reflection of his face. In this version he’s staring at a reflection not his face but his penis.

According to archaeologist Michael Hoff from the University of Nebraska, these mosaics tell the life of the ancient city more than all previously discovered temples, houses and baths. “I think we found the most intimate testimony of the people who lived, breathed, worked and rested in this ancient city,” said Hoff.

В Турции обнаружили древнеримский туалет с непристойными изображениями


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