In Turkey found a baby bottle 2,000 years old


В Турции обнаружили детскую бутылочку возрастом 2000 летOn the territory of the ancient city of Parion in the province of çanakkale, where he found a vessel, continuing archaeological excavations.

In the ancient port city of Parion belonging to the Hellenistic period and situated near the village of Kemer in the Turkish province of Canakkale, discovered a clay vessel is 2,000 years old, which is an ancient analogue of the modern bottles for feeding infants.

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About the Agency “Anadolu” reported member of an archaeological expedition in the ancient city of Parion, teacher of the archaeology Department of atatürk University Hassan Kocaoglu. According to him, the excavations have been conducted throughout the ancient city. The archaeologist said that a clay vessel, found in a child’s grave, has one handle and the neck.

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“These vessels were used two thousand years ago in the era of the Romans for feeding infants. Takenouti we found in children’s graves before,” said Koseoglu.

В Турции обнаружили детскую бутылочку возрастом 2000 лет

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