In Turkey detained more than hundreds of possible members of ISIS


В Турции задержали более сотни возможных членов ИГИЛIn Ankara, law enforcement officers conducted an operation during which they detained alleged terrorists.

Ankara hosted the police operation, which had arrested 101 suspected of belonging to terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Anti-terrorism Department of the Ankara police conducted an operation to arrest suspects in the morning on 9 November. Only the Prosecutor’s office of Turkey has issued 245 the arrest warrants.

The suspect was arrested 101. Searches were held in 250 locations.

It is noted that Turkey’s security forces have long conducted a campaign to prevent terrorist attacks.

In early November it became known about detention of the 283 people on suspicion of involvement in ISIS. Then in the ongoing operations of the suspects found 66 improvised explosive devices. Some of the detainees were planning to carry out attacks, including in Ankara and Istanbul.


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