In Turkey, archaeologists have unearthed ancient artifacts


В Турции археологи раскопали древнейший артефакт4000 year old clay cuneiform tablets found in Central Turkey.

Excavations in the province of Kayseri, Southeast of the Turkish capital of Ankara, in the old settlement or Kurgan shed light on ancient script.

Lecturer of archaeology at Ankara University and head of the excavations, Fikri Kulakoglu says that over 70 years of research in the village of it, 25 kilometres North-East of Kayseri, was found about 23,000 tables in cuneiform tablets.

“This is the first written tablets of Anatolia. Anatolian people learned to read and write in it. The first literate people in Anatolia came from Kayseri,” said Colakoglu.

Many of the excavated cuneiform tablets are exercises that, apparently, was used by children to practice writing. He suggested that the exercises in reading are the signs of schooling. There is evidence that, along with the practice of writing signs used for trade or business.

“These signs show that the local traders were present in Anatolia, along with the Assyrians who come from a civilization in ancient Mesopotamia,” said Colakoglu.

The researcher added that clay tablets dug from it, are among the rarest in the world. The it is a candidate for the world heritage List of UNESCO in 2014. According to the web site of UNESCO site it was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Kanesh and centre of a complex network of Assyrian trade colonies in the 2nd Millennium BC


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