In Turkey, archaeologists have unearthed an interesting artifact


В Турции археологи раскопали интересный артефактScientists have discovered a mosaic depicting Medusa.

Unique artifacts have been discovered by archaeologists during excavations in the city of Perge, the Turkish province of Antalya.

The most valuable finds should be considered a mosaic image of the Gorgon Medusa, and the God of the Ocean.

Mosaic was created in the THIRD century ad, scientists said. They decorated the walls of the mausoleum, found during archaeological research.

As you know, large-scale excavations in Perge specialists of the University of Istanbul has been held for the fourteenth year. According to the researchers, during this time manages to detect one unique discovery after another. But mosaic was found difficult to compare in importance with other artifacts.

Now scientists are doing everything they can to ancient mosaics has not suffered from the effects of the atmosphere. However, scientists are not going to hide them from human eyes. In the future tourist routes will be plan so that guests were able to admire the picture of Medusa and other ancient artifacts.


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