In Turkey after the conflict with Russian Ukrainian 5 days in a coma


В Турции после конфликта с россиянином украинец 5 суток лежит в комеA man with a traumatic brain injury and brain hemorrhage was admitted to a private hospital.

Doctors and the Ministry of foreign Affairs is making great efforts to save the life of a Ukrainian, who after a collision with a Russian citizen in a Turkish hotel is in a coma.

According to him, the Consul learned about the situation from the wife of the victim. She said that the conflict situation between citizens of Russia and citizen of Ukraine Andrey Owl occurred on 7 July. As a result of the conflict, the Ukrainian fell and hit his head.

A man with a traumatic brain injury and brain hemorrhage was admitted to a private hospital where the doctors decided on emergency surgery. Now the man is in a coma, consciousness did not come.

According to the tour operator arrived at the scene the police, they conducted an investigation, interviewed witnesses and filed a criminal case.

“Interfax-Ukraine” reports that the tragic event occurred on the second day after the arrival of Ukrainians to rest. It is noted that the Russian came from a nearby hotel, and beat the 57-year-old resident of Zaporozhye Owl. As noted, in the blood of the victim was found a high content of alcohol, so the insurance company has recognized this event as not insured and refused to pay.

Kirilich said UE that the wife of the victim has no means to pay for medical services and transporting her husband to come home. Also added that the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey constantly maintains contact with the woman, tour operator, insurance company and hospital management.

We appealed to the competent authorities of Turkey regarding the provision of documents in the case, said Kirilich.

Also held talks with the insurance company of the victim in the search for alternative solutions to the problem of covering the costs of treatment and transportation. But they found no support on this issue.

The foreign Ministry held talks with the employer of the victim “Zaporozhye track machine station” Dnieper branch of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” and the insurance company at the place of employment of the victim to resolve the situation to protect the rights of citizen of Ukraine.

Kirilich said that the Embassy keeps the situation under control, the status of citizen of Ukraine remains difficult.


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