In Tokyo, a man with a samurai sword staged a bloody massacre in the temple


В Токио мужчина с самурайским мечом устроил кровавую резню в храмеThe temple is Tokyo man killed by the sword of two women and committed suicide

In Tokyo one of the largest Shinto shrines in Japan Tomioka Hachimangu rushed the man, armed with a samurai sword and knives, who killed two women, including his sister and then killed himself.

According to the report, killed 58-year-old Nagano Tomioka was the chief priestess of the temple. The conflict between her and her brother Segenhoe Tomioka presumably occurred because of this post.

During the attack killed another woman at the age of 30 years. Also injured the driver of the chief priestess. The assailant killed himself.

Previously he was the chief priest of the temple, receiving this post from his father in 1990-ies. But in 2001, the father was again the chief priest, making the daughter Nagako Tomioka second in rank in the temple. Her brother then sent her threatening letters. In 2006, he was arrested. Shigenaga wrote his sister that “I will send her to hell.” In 2010, father is retired, and Nagano Tomioka was the main priestess of the temple.

Tomioka Hachimangu – Shrine, founded in 1627, is the largest in Japan temple dedicated to the Shinto war God Hachiman.


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