In this country the most affordable housing prices


В этой стране самые доступные цены на жильеOver the past two years the average price per square meter has decreased by €20

In 2015, housing prices in the cities decreased from €940 per sq m to €920.

Last year, the apartment of 100 square meters in the Greek city could be bought on average for €92,2 million, and the average cost of a private house of the same area amounted to €67 thousand on the other hand, a property outside the major settlements, on the contrary rose from €650 per sq m to €670. This growth reflects increasing consumer interest in resort real estate over the last year.

The highest housing prices in Europe was recorded in Luxembourg, where the apartment of 100 square meters will cost an average of €797,5 thousand.. In Switzerland a similar facility would cost about €754,1 thousand..

Prices for holiday homes in Greece particularly attractive compared to other popular holiday destinations. So, in Italy the apartment is 100 sqm in the city at a cost closer to €210 thousand.. In Spain it is €172 thousand, which is almost twice more expensive than in Hellas.

The lingering economic crisis has made prices of luxury property in Greece is advantageous, however, according to experts, this situation will not last long.


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