In the winter to protect the vehicle from damage


Как зимой уберечь автомобиль от повреждений

In the winter, especially in snow on the arches and the sills of cars are formed by snow build-up that turn into heavy blocks of ice. If the arch is not covered and fender liner have no car, the snow will stick to technical units, literally moriva them in ice. This is an additional burden on the levers, tubes and wires. Load they can be damaged themselves. Or they can tear or be damaged during the separation of the blocks.

Between the wheel and the arch

If the machine has plastic wheel arches, they will protect technical components and take the entire burden on himself. As a rule, staff lockers, which run on the machines of the plant, withstand the load without problems, and here purchased and installed independently often come off together with ice. That is why in winter the road can be seen the pieces of plastic. Sometimes the block comes off, and, getting between the wheel and the inner fender, crumples and breaks the plastic.

The worst thing is when snow build-up occupies the entire space between the wheel and the wheel arch. In this case, the wheel constantly rubs on the ice. When passing bumps or a speed bump it cut into the ice as the cutter and removes a piece blocks together with a piece of the inner fender. Sometimes the plastic cracks, bends and rubs against the wheel, there is grinding noise and unpleasant smell of burnt plastic. Sometimes plastic is bent to the side of the suspension and prevents its normal operation.

In addition, when you turn, the wheel pushes ice block to the side, and that in turn can damage the suspension.

If ice is growing on the rapids, on bumps and speed bumps it can come off and bend the door. It’s not as uncommon as it may seem.

How to fight?

To avoid problems, the best time to remove such snow build-up. But no need to beat them with brute force as this can damage the suspension components or other parts of the car, which had frozen into ice. No need to knock the build-up leg — you can tear off a fender liner or splash shield. It is better to use a regular hockey stick with tape wrapped hook. It is possible to reach hidden areas and remove all snow and ice from the wheel arches. But in this case, if you leave the car in the garage, because in the trunk with a stick is not going to carry. In other cases, you can use a big ice scraper or brush with scraper on the end.

However, it is best to stop by from time to time to warm the car parks to the snow and ice have time to melt. Every few days stop off at the sink and a few dozen rubles to knock down and melt the snow growths water.

Some drivers have the opportunity at lunchtime to go to the Park and water arches from the inside with hot water from the kettle — snow tumors instantly disappear.

Ice crust on the discs

Very unpleasant phenomenon occurs when passing through deep loose snow. Snow remains between the spokes of the wheel, and then spin the wheel is pressed on to the ice. At high speed this starts a nasty vibration on the steering wheel and the car body — the formed ice is irregular and violates the balancing of the wheel.

If the space between the spokes allows, the snow needs to be swept out with a brush right out of the deep snow. If it immediately forgot to do or did not work, it is already compacted the snow, you can try to pry it with a scraper or knife.

Well, the best option, as in the case of snow build-up on the arches, to visit the sink or to settle the car in a warm garage or heated garage. If this problem is caught in a long journey, you can use chemistry. For example, solvents, ice or plain antifreeze.


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