In the Vladimir region mother volunteer Navalny threatened with dismissal


Во Владимирской области матери волонтера Навального грозят увольнением

In the Vladimir region the mother of the volunteer staff of the oppositionist Alexey Navalny, a student of Anton Rakov threatened with dismissal because of the opposition activities of her son.

As reported, before the rally, November 25, Deputy Director of College of innovative technologies and entrepreneurship (CITP) Faith mukhaeva Rakov and urged other students not to participate in the rally, promising to activists of the problem to the FSB and publication of their photos. Cancers still went to the meeting, and then Director of the College called his mother and pointed to the fact that her son is involved in politics.”Then she was called to the head of the district and warned that if I did not stop supporting Navalny, a mother will reduce”, — said Cancers “Radio Liberty”. According to him, a woman working in one of the budget institutions Sobinki.

As a result, young people will be forced to temporarily withdraw from volunteer activities. While Cancers says he wrote to Deputy Director statement to the Investigation Committee.


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