In the verge of Apocalypse: by the Earth flying giant asteroid


В шаге от апокалипсиса: мимо Земли пролетел гигантский астероидAs reported scientists, the asteroid has not harmed the Land.

Friday, March 2, between the earth and the Moon at the speed of more than 18 000 km/h flying asteroid the size of a bus. He moved at a distance of 105,000 kilometers from Earth (about 30% of the distance to the moon) and the diameter was from 5.6 to 12 metres.

The asteroid is called 2018 DV1 and he allegedly does not threaten our planet. However, he is already 18 known asteroid from the beginning of the year, which takes place within the moon’s orbit (average distance from Earth is 384 400 km). While 2018 DV1 discovered only on February 26.

To track the asteroid in 2018 DV1 will be using a robotic telescope at the Tenagra Observatory in Arizona, USA, in the framework of the project “Virtual telescope” and “Tenagra” (Virutal Telescope Project and Tenagra Observatories).

Note that while the Earth managed to avoid asteroids, but in 2024 NASA spacecraft is planning to conduct an experiment to change the trajectory of the asteroid. This will allow in the future to create a full-fledged space tugs, which will deflect the planet’s most dangerous “shells”.

Sex khodas, head of research Center for near-earth objects, the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, California, USA, said that an asteroid of this size more than the famous “Chelyabinsk meteorite 2013”. According to Khodas, such asteroids pass near the Earth once or twice a year, but potentially can still be a threat.

Mentioned above Chelyabinsk meteorite when entering the atmosphere create shock waves, power from 260 to 360 kilotons of TNT. This is equal to 20 atomic bombs “Fat man”. This bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. However, the meteorite split in the air, because danger was minimal.


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