In the USSR unsuccessfully improved trade radios


Как в СССР безуспешно улучшали торговлю радиотоварами

It is so good that I cannot pass, so to speak.

August 8, 1960, issued a Decree of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers №851 “On measures for further improvement. trade.” The resolution in itself curious, and even not afraid of this word, sorry – progressive. It even provided for the introduction of Soviet trade taking pre-orders and delivery of goods at home and even “universally improve your trading is paying special attention to the design of external and internal shop Windows”.

As always happened in the USSR, when the wise men from the Central Committee of the Communist party gave to the mountain the next decision, all the media immediately started a propaganda campaign that explained the need for this resolution. Not remained aloof and all-Union magazine “Radio”. In No. 10 of 1960 he published the editorial “to Improve trade with radios”. Publish scan (clickable).

Как в СССР безуспешно улучшали торговлю радиотоварами

Here are some quotes from the editorial:

“In modern conditions, when the demands of the population sharply increased the demand for goods has changed significantly, the level of development of the state and cooperative trade, as well as the quality of public services is lagging behind the requirements”/

When the Soviet Union they, interestingly, did not lag behind? Okay, well at least acknowledged. With interest we read the statistics. It turns out that in 1960 in the USSR “in the cities and villages” were more than four million TV sets. Given that by 1960 in the USSR lived about 210 million people, or more (as of January 1959 was 208.8 million), one TV was to be had for 50 people or more. Not to say that that’s a very impressive achievement for a country that at this very moment at full speed tried to overtake the Americans in terms of launching the first human into space.

I really liked this passage from an editorial, about the Soviet people: “some are sent to the shops to buy a new TV, or buy the right vacuum tubes, and others – necessary radiodetal”. And a sad statement: “unfortunately, the needs and demands of buyers very often remain unmet”. That is very often in the store, no TV, no radio needed, no radio needed.

And then, as if parodiruya Ostap Bender, the editors of “Radio” States: “To the editor of the magazine receives a lot of complaints about the shortcomings in trade in electronic components, in the absence of sales of new products of radio and television equipment, spare parts for radios, gramophones, televisions and tape recorders…”

Here is the extract from the letter of a F. Myakisheva from the city of Stavropol, which, if you give it without reference to the source, some weak spirit of Soviet patriots may find a quote from a magazine germanych: “Now any store can be found “mountains” of receivers and televisions obsolete or poorly-established brands. No one takes. At the same time new receivers to buy hard.”

And then, without giving time to recover, the editorial throws at the reader letter from G. Ardolina from the city of Uglich of the Yaroslavl region. From the letter it appears that the poor citizen of Artosin for four (four! ) the month can not look at his broken TV “Record”, because it can not get (the Soviet jargon even in the magazines published) the desired lamp 6П13С.

Here’s a TV “Record” could not see comrade Ardoin.

Как в СССР безуспешно улучшали торговлю радиотоварами
For the USSR it was actually typical. No one responded, and certainly not published “numerous complaints of Soviet workers”, while another Decree of the CPSU Central Committee did not mean that the situation is not good at all. Then, the Soviet media began vying with each other to share the load of accumulated citizen complaints is not that stores all the shelves crammed with products, “outdated or poorly established brands,” as elegantly formulated by F. Myakisheva from the city of Stavropol, and new products to buy difficult. Well there was a time machine. Then we would have all Soviet patriots who happily share each other photos of Soviet stores in which “all the shelves are full of goods” to send in Soviet Simferopol visit to comrade F. Myakishevo. To comrade F. Myakishev bitterly could spit in the eyes of the Soviet patriots. However, something tells me that among the current Soviet patriots then my post in the list of anti-Soviet citizens and organizations will fall and comrade Myakishev F., and the magazine “Radio”, and perhaps even the whole of the Central Committee of the Communist party for a couple with the Council of Minister of the USSR. For what? But for the fact that spit in his story, and grist to the mill of the enemy, talking about difficulties with a new radio and television receivers.

Well, then throw up the Soviet defenders more article “What prevents our work” (clickable).

Как в СССР безуспешно улучшали торговлю радиотоварами
The article tells about the problems with television receivers from Sunny Uzbekistan. The vile anti-Soviet article, as we all know.

And of course the editors of “Radio” is well aware that all these Decrees of the CPSU Central Committee “On improving…” – it is empty and nothing to fix in essence are not able to. And therefore help your readers good advice.

Как в СССР безуспешно улучшали торговлю радиотоварами
The most popular Soviet column in any magazine – “Repair own hands”. In this case, their hands are invited to identify and troubleshoot the TV. It certainly would be nice for those who at least understands a little. However, what about the parts? There, the reader Ardolina the City of Uglich of the Yaroslavl region perfectly his hands could solve the problem in your TV “Rubin”. Only where he was in the Soviet Union to take “necessary lamp 6П13С”? And you’re talking about.

Will the five-year plan, and who will be all the same. And poor Shura in 1973 all the same as in the decade before him by other hams, and will run for Soviet stores to find the right radio.

Как в СССР безуспешно улучшали торговлю радиотоварами

But in the end will find under the sweaty armpit of a speculator.

Как в СССР безуспешно улучшали торговлю радиотоварами

Because Scoop. And all these “Decisions of the Central Committee of the CPSU” – the cornerstone of this Scoop. But to understand this, it is necessary to have at least a little grey matter in his head.


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